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Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Pro Pressure Washing understands how important your appearance is to your customers and the value of your property.  We are committed to bringing you efficient, cost effective solutions to assist you in maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

So what can we clean?  Pro Pressure Washing can clean hotels, apartments, hospitals, small and large commercial buildings to include malls and shopping centers, and just about anything else.  Call for a free quote today!

Apartment & Townhome Pressure Washing Wilmington NC

Apartment & Townhome Pressure Washing

Pro Pressure Washing is a fully insured and licensed commercial Apartment & Townhome Pressure Washing Company in the Wilmington and Hampstead areas of North Carolina. 

HOA / POA Pressure Cleaning Wilmington NC

HOA / POA Pressure Cleaning

Pro Pressure Washing is happy to partner with HOA/POA Presidents, Board of Directors and Management Teams in the goal of providing excellent living spaces and neighborhoods. 

Commercial Building Pressure Cleaning Wilmington NC

Commercial Building Pressure Cleaning

Our quality commercial pressure and power washing services effectively remove all the dirt, mold and build-up from the exterior the structure, leaving it looking fresh and clean.

Graffiti Removal Wilmington NC

Graffiti Removal

Our Graffiti Removal specialists utilize the newest graffiti removal techniques to quickly and efficiently bring your commercial property back to its clean appearance.

Awning Pressure Cleaning Wilmington NC

Awning Pressure Cleaning

Pro Pressure Washing is skilled in cleaning both vinyl and cloth awnings. Our cleaning techniques do not employ high pressure or abrasive processes.